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5 things to look for in a walk-in refrigerator in Windsor, CA

Prefabricated refrigeration units don't meet the needs of every business. No matter how large a refrigeration system you need, you can rely on Ivan's Refrigeration and HVAC for a customized solution. We can install any size walk-in refrigerator at your Windsor, CA property.

Here's what you should consider while shopping for a walk-in refrigerator:



Make sure you account for future expansion when looking for commercial refrigeration equipment. You should also keep your space requirements in mind, such as ceiling height.



Protect your investment by purchasing a unit with an extended warranty. Ivan's Refrigeration and HVAC can give you insight into brands that offer the kind of warranty you'd prefer.



You don't have to buy separate freezers and coolers. Our team can help you pick out a budget-friendly combination unit.


Insulated flooring:

If you're installing a walk-in refrigerator in a space that's typically warm, it's a smart idea to purchase a unit with insulated flooring.


Energy-efficiency features:

Save big on utility costs by purchasing a unit with LED lighting or an Energy Star rating.

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Want greater environmental control at your indoor growing facility?

Today's environmental controls make it easy to maintain a set temperature or moisture level. For years, Ivan's Refrigeration and HVAC has been installing environmental controls at marijuana and other agricultural facilities in the Windsor, CA area. Tell us about your needs, and we can find a cost-effective solution.

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